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You may think you’ve done a good job designing your app in a privacy minded way. You may have passed a security audit for some of your source code. But what toxic assets and data are you collecting, that you haven’t even thought of, that you are aggregating over time, building up toxicity, exposing your users to increased risk?! These might be hidden in cookies, in your cloud storage, in third-party analytics, in data-cached client-side in your app, in monitoring metrics that identify people through PII (personally identifiable information)… these are all TOXIC DATA ASSETS!

We are here — the Clean Insights team, to help you identify and dispose of these toxic assets through our full-proof, one-day, toxic asset audit (TA^2). Our crack squad of toxic assessors will work with you to index, delineate, analyze and document all of your toxic assets and make a clean-up plan, so you can move forward in an insightful and fresh way. Don’t wait, start now, our first 10 audits are totally free!

We are ready to DETOXIFY you!

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