May 2020 Symposium Extraordinaire!

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We are living in a time like never before. A time no one has seen, experienced or gone through. There are no experts, no tested measures of success, no right or wrong way to do this. Now is the perfect time for embracing novel ideas!

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In May 2020, we embarked on a new collaborative experience to develop, design and discuss ethical analytics and privacy-preserving measurement! Now is the time to consider new ways to measure your applications and services to gain valuable insights, while not violating the trust and dignity of those you seek to benefit.

This is a chance to collectively enhance the practice of measurement and analytics, by approaching the process in a new way!

In particular, we are looking for those with the following skills or experience: App and Service Developers, Experience with Analytics, Human Centered UX/UI Design, Data Researchers, Analyst & Scientists, Open source projects, Privacy and Security Experts, Anyone who is passionate about this topic, Anyone who could benefit from ethical analytics and privacy-preserving measurement.